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Waterfall Nations

The commands listed below are the main commands we'll think you need. If you want to see all available commands, go to the plugin's official page or look at them in-game.

Land Commands

To stop other people griefing your base, going through your storage, or even leaving nasty surprises, there is a land claiming plugin installed.

Command Description
/lands create <land name> Creates a land with the name <land name>
/lands trust <player name> Sends an invite to <player name> to join your land
/lands menu Opens the land configuration menu (Chest GUI)
/lands edit <land name> Enters edit mode for land with name <land name> (if you have permission)
/lands selection Allows you to create a selection using the selection tool
/lands selection expand Expands the current selection to take all vertical space (only applies to subareas)
/lands claim Claims the current chunk you're standing in or the current selection
/lands unclaim Unclaims the chunk the chunk you're standing in or the current selection
/lands assign Assigns the current selection to the specified subarea in your land

Teleportation Commands

To make getting around a little easier, the server implements a few teleportation systems, namely homes, warps and tpa. There is a limit to how many homes you can set (currently 2).

Command Description
/tpa <player name> Sends a teleport request to <player name>
This request can either be accepted using the in chat prompt or:
/tpaccept Accepts the current teleport request
/tpdeny Denies the current teleport request
/sethome <home name> Creates a home with name <home name>, if it already exists you will be prompted whether you want to overwrite it
/home [home name] Teleports to home with specified name (if provided), if multiple homes are set and no name is provided, this opens the same menu as /homes
/homes Opens the homes menu (Chest GUI)
/removehome <home name> Deletes a home with specified name
/spawn Teleports you to the current world's spawn
/hub Teleports you to the central portal hub

Job Commands

What does every Minecraft server need? Child labour! And tax evasion! And debt! This is being brought to you by Waterfall Nations!

Command Description
/jobs browse Displays all the jobs to join
/jobs quests Displays the available quests to the player
/jobs stats Displays the player's job stats (exp)
/jobs limit Displays the player's maximum hourly rates