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Waterfall Nations

This article serves as a more comprehensive list of gameplay changing plugins and datapacks installed on the server, please navigate to each individual section to find out more about each feature.

World Generation

what the fuck is this

When a Mommy World and Daddy World like each other very much they go spend special time with each other and a new World is born. (Sometimes a Daddy World and another Daddy World, aswell as a Mommy World and another Mommy World and even a Non Specified Gender Parental Figure World and another Non Specified Gender Parental Figure World like to get it on sometimes). Each new World has a seed, which is like the World's DNA. The seed, like DNA, determines the generation of the World. However, the mean staff team have decided to genetically modify this poor baby World using WG Datapacks to make it not like normal Worlds. They've rewritten and reshaped the poor baby World's DNA to create an abomination. They're monsters. And here are the datapacks they used so you can do it too!


Terralith is an Overworld Generation modifier. It adds a whole bunch of new biomes to explore.


Incendium is a Nether Generation modifier. It adds a whole bunch of new biomes to explore.


Nullscape is an End Generation modifier. It adds a whole bunch of new biomes to explore.


Structory is an Structure Generation modifier. It adds a whole bunch of new biomes structures to explore.


Main Article: Slimefun

Slimefun is a plugin that adds a ton of new gameplay elements and mechanics, all while not requiring any client-side mods, from fruit trees, to repairing spawners, fancy armour, repairable spawners, nuclear power, huge storage containers and the ability to repair spawners, if you can think of it, chances are, slimefun does it. In fact, it has so many of these elements that it actually has its own page on this wiki.


Brewery is an alternate brewing process, adding various new drinks to the game, including alcohol (Zee loves it). The somewhat difficult brewing process rewards you with a diversity of drinks, which, through their effects, create a drunkeness that has never existed in Minecraft before.

Learn the art of brewing through fermenting, distilling and barrel aging on your Minecraft server. Experience how, from spring water and wheat, through hard work, a cool beer is created. Distill high-proof liquor, which gets that unique taste after some aging in oak barrels. Celebrate the biggest feasts you can imagine and always keep the cheerful athmosphere. Fill the taverns with laughter and loud music, while the drunkards scuffle on the streets. Also, there's Bisto.


Default Recipes
Recipe Ingredients Boiling Time Distilling Ageing/Wood Alc Effects
Beer 6 wheat 8 minutes no 3 years
Wheatbeer 3 wheat 8 minutes no 2 years
Darkbeer 6 wheat 8 minutes no 3x beer
dark oak
Red Wine 5 sweet berries 5 minutes no very long
Mead 6 sugarcane 3 minutes no 4 years
Apple Mead 6 sugarcane
similar to mead no 4 years
II +
Apple Cider lots of apple 7/8 minutes no 3 years
Apple Liquor lots of apple long yes 6 years
Whisky wheat 1 minute/wheat yes very long
Rum lots of sugarcane short yes long
Vodka 1/6 stack of potatoes long yes no III -
Mushroom Vodka potatoes, mushrooms very long yes no II' +-
Gin 9 wheat
some blue flowers
short yes no III
Tequila some cactus long yes long
Absinthe lots of grass short yes no IIIII' -
Green Absinthe lots of grass
another greenish thing
normal yes no IIIIII +-
Potato Soup 5 potatoes
some grass
short no no +
Coffee lots of cocoa beans
2 milk buckets
short no no ++
Eggnog 5 eggs
a little sugar
1 milk bucket
short no short
Custom Recipes
Recipe Ingredients Boiling Time Distilling Ageing/Wood Alc Effects
Red Bull quite a lot of sugar average no no ++-
Sugarcane Juice 1/4 stack of sugarcane
another long green plant
short no no +++
Dragon Vodka some dragon byproduct
lots of potatoes
something yellow from the end
very long yes no IIIII --
Bisto lots of beef
something starchy
long no no ++-
Sake stuff that looks like rice
a couple pumpkin seeds
a mushroom
long no 1 year
Irn Bru a few irn
something for colour
some sugar
wither guts
long no no +++++
Iced Coffee several cookies
something cold
bilk mucket
short no no - ++
Sparkling Water a couple purple rocks
some carbon
very short no no +
Dandelion Wine dandelions
sticky substance
sparkly melon
average no very long
light wood
Screwdriver 1 vodka
2 orange juice
3 minutes no no I' ++-
Martini ice cube
a few vodkas
something like passion fruit juice
average yes no II +-
Mojito ice cube
juice of a lime
a few spicy rums
some tv static
something to make the rum white
something like mint
average no no II' ++-
Monster Ultra some sweetener
3 fizzy waters
golden fruit/vegetable
long no no ++-

Safari Nets

A simple plugin that will make your life so much easier, if you've ever played vanilla, you'll know the pains of transporting villagers and other mobs for your automatic farms or trading halls, well with this plugin you can say goodbye to investing hundreds of iron ingots into rails and minecarts. With Safari Nets, you can capture mobs in one place and keep them in your inventory until you need them again, and the recipes are pretty straightforward too:


Normal Safari Net Reusable Safari Net

FYI: It's basically string and either an enderpearl or eye of ender, if you have the materials it should pop up in your recipe book

Special Cases

Certain mobs have a lower catch chance including: Warden (10%), Wither (10%), Piglin Brute (20%), Elder Guardian (20%) and Evoker (30%). This is to make the game a little more exciting and fair.

Crafting Recipe Tweaks

We also have a few quality of life crafting recipe tweaks which will make your life a lot easier:

  • Rotten flesh can be smelted in a furnace to make leather
  • Wool can be crafted into string
  • Nametags can be crafted by combining paper and iron in an anvil
  • Slabs and stairs can be reverted back into their block form
  • Universal dyeing
  • Shapeless shulker boxes
  • Unpackable ice


Just like in real life, Waterfall Buckaroos can be acquired by working. Just type /jobs browse to see the various jobs, including Hunter, Miner and Fisherman. You can have up to 3 jobs at a time (just like most people IRL these days, inflation is a b*tch, ammiright?). However, you don't get taxed on your income (yet) so you can't accidently commit tax evasion or fraud. Mining different blocks or killing different mobs can give you different amounts of money and Job XP. Job XP allows you to level up your jobs and increase your hourly income limit. Money can be used to purchase visas for other servers and is the main in-game currency. Here is a list of the main job commands.

Custom Donator Items

Donators of the server are able to request custom items to be added into the game. Some of these are server exclusive, so you'll have to trade or work for a passport to get one. All the following have been added:

Rose Bride Trident

Requested by Celesmeh. Kill shulkers on Onex to gain Rose Bride Shards and craft these into a special trident that spawns water and can teleport you around.

{make the special crafting grid for this}

Heavy Dragon Chestplate

Requested by Ahocin. Kill Jean on Zelux to gain Dragonscales and craft these with a Dragon Egg and a Netherite Chestplate for a special chestplate that gives the wearer more health, resistance and is already enchanted.

{make the special crafting grid for this}


Requested by Calliemaybe. Kill grizzly bears on Zelux and hope they drop one of these special helmets that grant the wearer permanent Night Vision.

{The thing Quill thingyd}

Requested by DriftingQuill. Kill {silverfish?} on Ferox and hope they drop one of these {somethings?} that {do something}