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Waterfall Nations

Lunatics of the Forest

Ferox is a land taken over by the forest. Will you set off on an adventure to discover all of the different types of wood?

Pink, red and purple trees dot the landscape to offer that little bit of colour amidst the different shades of green. Palm trees grow in the deserts to offer respite from the scorching sun, fruit trees are scattered across the landscape, so you can fill your stomach with sweet, natural treats after a long day of travelling the world. Amidst the dark oak forests grow mysterious giant mushrooms, for that fairy-tale like atmosphere and you can observe the majestic spruce trees of the taigas reaching for the skies.

From benign bushes, to towering trees, Ferox has plenty to offer for everyone! And whether you choose to live up amongst the treetops, or down on the ground with the small plants, the forest will always watch over its inhabitants, plants, animals and humans alike.


Some trees grow crooked, some of them make excellent support for raised platforms. This is the mentality that was followed while Ferox spawn was built.

The main platform is built around the highest tree around with walkways leading to lower levels. Music can be heard when wandering around. Hanging lanterns light up the platforms and ladders lead down to the ground.

Ice spikes have been scattered around, some even spreading the cold into caves. Bees are making the best of their living conditions., having created many suitable nests around the top of the tree. They often even fly around the ground in search of flowers and you may spot them. Snow foxes are there to keep the traveller company.

Join Ferox and hop around the treetops!


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