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Waterfall Nations

Guardians of the Ocean

Onex is a nation filled with water, and unlike other nations, Onex has special world generation to allow for huge oceans and landmasses to spawn. Additionally, with the increased ocean sizes, Ocean Monuments have been made more common, and you may encounter ships on the vast expanses of water.

Will you sail and explore the endless oceans, in search of coral reefs and shipwrecks? If you're lucky, you might come across the rare and majestic floating islands in the sky, the opportunities are endless.


The previous inhabitants built up an oil rig in the middle of the ocean to gather expensive resources. It is made almost entirely out of copper and deepslate, with added cranes and lifts.

Soon after, many boats started to gather around and made it their stop on long jouneys.

Fishing boats, pirate ships and cargo vessels have all learned to co-exist and there is always room for more of them!

Join Onex and enjoy the endless sailing!


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