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Waterfall Nations

Most of the other 'servers' on Waterfall Nations are part of the collective Hub. To access any of these branch servers, use the command /resourceworld. This server contains the actual Resource World, the server Marketplace, the Visa Office and Nation Portals.

Resource World

The Resource World is a plugin (or rather a server) which has a world that resets every week, with the sole purpose of being harvested for any and all resources you may need without having to destroy your home world. Building stuff is not recommended since it will be reset.

Visa Office

The Visa Office is where you can purchase visas to other servers. These allow the player to remain in another server for 2 hours and cost ₩5000.


The Marketplace is an area where players can build shops or rent out small stalls if they do not wish to build a full shop. This district also includes the info centre and donator store.

Minigame Server

This section outlines content that has been removed

"FYI minigame server is depreciated for now" - ZeeRaider

"Actually it's obsolete" - Evil