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Waterfall Nations

Slimefun/Getting Started

This page is still under construction, as such please expect missing images, information and sections

Slimefun is a very big and complicated plugin, and as such, it may be difficult to know where (or even how) to start. So I have written a little guide so you can get to grips with this monstrosity and use it to do things never thought possible!

First Steps

First of all, get yourself a Slimefun Guide using /sf guide (you can run this as many times as you want, but idk why you'd want to do that). Altenatively if you just want to open the UI, use the command /sf open_guide. Now, to start crafting you'll want to go to the Crafting tab and click on the "Advanced Crafting Table" to research it, this will cost {3?} XP levels (very cheap compared to most things in the plugin).

File:Slimefun Guide Unlock.png

Once this has been researched you should get a notification in chat, you can now place the Advanced Crafting Table. This is a multiblock crafting station (most of the slimefun ones are), and the exact orientation is shown when you click on the crafting station in the Slimefun Guide. This is what it should look like once you've placed it:

File:Slimefun Advanced Crafting Table.png

To make sure you've done it correctly, click on the top crafting table and you should get a message saying you've correctly constructed the crafting station.

Basic Crafting

Once you have acquired the Advanced Crafting Table, you'll be using it to craft a lot of Slimefun items, but you don't actually have any unlocked, and may not know how to do so. This step of the guide covers that. Firstly, you'll want to open up the Slimefun Guide (either use the book you got earlier or the command), and click the {TBC} section. From here you'll want to find the {TBC}, make sure you have the required {idk} XP levels, then wait for it to unlock. Now you want to click on the item you just unlocked to view the recipe.

File:Slimefun Guide Recipe.png

By hovering over the icon in the {idk} corner, you can see what crafting station it uses (here the Advanced Crafting Table which we just made), now you want to collect these items and then put them in the {bottom?}} dispenser of the Advanced Crafting Table, then click on the crafting table. This should craft the {TBC}, which can be obtained by accessing the dispenser. Congratulations, you have now crafted your first item with Slimefun!

Further Steps

i'll write this later, for now im going back to playing genshin