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Waterfall Nations

Protectors of the Mountains

Zelux is a nation centred around deep caverns and high peaks. Journey across the land to find towering mountaintops and snowy expanses. You could build a base on a ridge, enclosed on all sides by majestic peaks or in the caverns deep underground, here, you can call even the most inhospitable environments home.

Dive into the dark and gloomy depths of the world to search for the glint of diamonds or tame the almighty warden. Sneak around the cold, icy caverns and let the faint light guide you to riches. You might even come across a spawner or a mineshaft left behind by an ancient civilisation.

But wherever you may go, there will always be a goat watching over and protecting you from afar.


Over many centuries Zelux spawn has been carved out inside of the mountain. Lava lakes and chained lanterns show the inhabitants light and the sculk roof acts as the starry sky on stormy nights.

The houses are connected to the walls, all of them linked up with sturdy hanging bridges. Some of them act as living quarters, others as workshops and warehouses. Goats have become the holy animal of this planet and should be treated as such.

On top of the mountain there is a tower to look after the world and fend off any hostile monsters.

Join Zelux to explore caves/mountains and make them your own!


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