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Waterfall Nations

Waterfall Nations Wiki

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Welcome to the Waterfall Nations Wiki!

Welcome to the official Waterfall Nations Wiki, the No. 1 place to find out anything and everything you need to know about the Waterfall Nations Minecraft server.

What is Waterfall Nations?

We were a Minecraft: Java Edition SMP Server network running on 1.20.1 with a couple gameplay tweaking plugins and datapacks that offered a unique twist. With an active staff team and an awesome community behind it, it's a server you'll have wanted to call home.

The network revolved around three "nations" (hence the Nations in our name), of which you could choose one to become your new home, but you had to choose wisely, because once you'd chosen one, there was no switching. Each nation was a separate server, each with their own lore (should that interest you) and slight world generation differences on a few. We also had a resource server (which resets weekly) so you didn't have to destroy the landscape in your own world when you wanted to acquire large amounts of materials.


Main Article: Nations

Other Servers

Main Article: Other Servers


Main Article: Features

The most notable gameplay changes (be it plugins or datapacks) on the server were:

  • Terralith (World Generation)
  • Indendium (World Generation, Minor Gameplay)
  • Nullscape (World Generation)
  • Structory (Custom Structures)
  • Slimefun (Major Gameplay)
  • Brewery (Minor Gameplay)
  • Safari Nets (Minor Gameplay)
  • Crafting Recipe Tweaks (QoL Modifications)
  • Lands (Land Claiming)
  • Basic Teleportation Commands (Minor Gameplay)
  • Custom Donator Items (Minor Gameplay)
  • Something else i'm probably forgetting (idk)


Main Article: Donating

Liked the server and wanted to donate? Buy server reset tokens, pets and more in the Server Store.